Protein bars - Testers reveal the secret!

These reviews are based on my extensive experience, including: my personal experience with the brand, research on protein bars, customer feedback and reviews on the websites of some of the protein bar companies. I am not affiliated with any protein bar companies, nor are I compensated for my review and ratings.

I don't have a degree in medicine, nutrition, or clinical sciences, I don't have any scientific training or training in food science. I have a bachelor's degree in nutrition from a university in England and a doctorate in nutrition and clinical sciences from Harvard University. I have written over 800 scientific papers and hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. My books include "Nutrition, Myths & Facts" and "The Paleo Diet: 100 Great Foods to Kickstart a New Life." I have been a featured speaker at nutrition conferences in over 30 countries and speak at many more. I have also written a cookbook, "The Paleo Diet Cookbook" (2005). The "Paleo Diet" and its related media have been the most popular diet program in the world since 2000. I am not a health food professional, and cannot vouch for the accuracy of any information on this site, nor can I speak for the many thousands of people who have been on the Paleo Diet for years and years.

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Joint Advance

Joint Advance

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Believe the countless reports of experience, which arise at the moment, many enthusiasts succeed in...